I’M AT THE AIRPORT (Mileage Run Hell)

I really am and I’ve been spending a lot of time here over the past couple of days. As I’ve said before; when you travel you sometimes get what you get whether you like it or not. My travel woes are caused by weather delays at Manchester which is currently colder and more icy than Zurich which doesn’t make sense. Zurich is generally higher and more importantly Swisser than home.

So, my first flight from Zurich to Manchester was cancelled last night and this was followed by a further cancellation this morning. One thing this has thrown into sharp relief is just how lucky I’ve been. In 10 years of frequent flying, this is the first time anything like this has happened to me.

Also, the experience pretty much proves that what I doing here is not unreasonable. You see, this trip is actually a mileage run so I can requalify for my Star Alliance Gold card later (more of which below).

So what’s it like? It’s actually not that bad but certainly a little boring. I should stress this is not America and nor am I flying with Ryan Air (aka Eire-O’Flot) so I’ve not been put in a dodgy airport motel and I’ve not been told to fuck off and die by the airline.

I’m flying with Swiss and this means efficiency from the country that runs like clockwork. I got looked after.

My flight from Istanbul was delayed by an hour yesterday and I arrived in Zurich to find my onward flight to Manchester had been cancelled due to weather. No problem, I thought and walked over to the transfer desk in the other terminal. This is where the Gold card came in.

We’ve had a lot of cancellations across Europe an the US and the transfer desk was pretty busy. Looking at the speed at which things were moving, I estimated a three hour wait for the poor person at the back of the queue. I had a look around and eventually spotted the first class queue for people travelling in first and, crucially, for gold card holders.

My wait was 10 minutes after which I walked away with a voucher for a night at the Movenpick hotel with an evening meal and breakfast included. The hotel turned out to be a very nice, modern four star property with nothing to complain about. I even had the good fortune to meet a friend who lives out here for drinks.

Today has been more of the same. My flight got cancelled, the transfer queue was enormous and my wait this time was five minutes. I’ve been transferred to the evening flight.

So, I’ve spent the day at Zurich airport, mostly sleeping in the Swiss lounge but also doing a little shopping.

I’ve also been getting to know the iPhone (on which I’m typing this blog) since my poor MacBook seem to have developed a power fault. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m A shameless fanboi of the Jobsian cult. In all my years of using posh phones, I’ve never encountered such a versetile device.


~ by jasonhindle on December 21, 2009.

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