The Year of The Tiger (And of Snapping Locally)

Salford Quays

Salford Quays, location of the first Manchester Wide shoot ©2010 Jason Hindle

So, for the Chinese, the year 2010 is the Year of The Tiger.  For me, it is also the year of snapping locally.  Now, that doesn’t mean I occasionally go red in the face and beat the living crap out of the person nearest to me (a problem with real Tigers and small Monkeys from time to time).  For one thing, I’ve never been a snapper in that sense.  Moreover, the nearest person to me might hit back, in which case I’m toast.  No, I mean snapping in the photographic sense.

I’ve tended to restrict my snapping to any of the nice, and not so nice locations my employment takes me to, doing very little photography around Manchester.  But this year, I had an idea, and the idea is called Manchester Wide.  Every once in a while, I’m going to grab the E-30 and 9-18 lens (plus spare batteries and memory cards), go out and take some photos.  I want to see if I can find than nice tranquil zone I get into when snapping somewhere nice.

Urban bench

Yes, it's that ubran bench again ©2010 Jason Hindle

With this in mind, Sunday was a nice, bright and sunny day which makes a big change from the grey, cold, wet, cold, icy, cold, slippy, cold and generally miserable (and cold) winter we’ve had in Manchester.

I thought I’d start my little Manchester Wide project with a walk down to Salford Quays.  For this time of the year, it’s an ideal location.  For one thing, unlike the city centre, it is spread out and, given a little sunshine, the light there can be excellent any day of the year, even with the low winter sun.  Also, Salford Quays is something of a mecca for modern architecture, especially on the side of the Manchester Ship Canal that is technically the City of Salford.

The Lowry Centre

The Lowry Centre, Salford, Gtr Manchester ©2010 Jason Hindle

Salford Quays is also very photographer friendly and, from past experience of taking photos there (usually to test a new camera or lens), I feel I can go there with minimal expectations of bully boy security guards enforcing bogus photography restrictions and work shy police officers after soft targets.

So, did I find myself in the zone of tranquility?  I’d answer with an unqualified yes.  I spent 90 minutes outside of the problems of everyday life, focused on nothing but taking photos.  And then, when I arrived home, I spent a further 90 minutes in a similar zone while I went through my Aperture work flow, uploaded photos to Smugmug, captioned them and then put them in some sort of order to turn the new gallery into a slide show.

The gallery can be found here:

The slide show can be found here:

Manchester Wide Slide Show 1

The sun is getting higher in the sky every day at the moment so in the next few weeks, I’ll start looking at the city centre and beyond.


~ by jasonhindle on March 12, 2010.

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